Council Purpose:
To provide personal, direct communication with PGES Administration. Council Members represent families at designated grade levels.

Parent Representatives:

  • K-2 – Carmin Bastuerio, Mickey Rybiski
  • 3-4 – Kristen Brown, Jimena Stovall
  • PTO Chair- Andrea Laycock

Staff Representatives:

  • K- Jan Burgess
  • 1- Starr Wallace
  • 2- Keisha Brown
  • 3- Shannon Ward
  • 4- Sandy Ball
  • RA- Elaine Bailey-Fryd
  • Special Ed- Lisa Bean
  • Support- Meghann Wynne
  • Bookkeeper- Janet Hall
  • Administration


  1. The goal of PAC is to provide an open line of communication across all grade levels K-4. We will define areas of need, brainstorm solutions, and make decisions as they relate to our school needs.
  2. Submit agenda items in advance. This will provide the opportunity for research and a response to questions. Please email questions to or A three-day advance notice for all questions will help in preparation.
  3. We will try to keep meeting length to one hour, but will certainly continue if necessary.
  4. Meeting minutes will be kept.
  5. Meetings will take place in the Elementary Teacher’s Lounge.

2016 Meeting Dates