2019-2020 Faculty and Staff


Araujo, Luz – Cafeteria

Armstrong, Crystal  –  School Psychologist

Ashford, Clare – Kindergarten

Bean, Lisa  –  Special Education Pre-K

Bennorth, Sue  –  Reading Paraprofessional

Betts, Jamie  –  Fourth Grade

Blackburn, Travis (Codey) – Cafeteria

Brock, Deidra  –  Math Coach 

Brown, Kristen – Office Receptionist

Burgess, Jan  –  Kindergarten  

Byram, Josh – SRO Deputy

Campbell, Gail – Cafeteria

Campbell, Leslie  –  Fourth Grade

Casey, Lisa  –  Physical Education

Casillas, Aurora – Cafeteria

Chambers-Woods, Whitney  –  School Counselor

Clavijo, Lucy  –  Cafeteria Assistant Manager

Clark, Trisha – Occupational Therapist

Clemmons, Xavier – Custodian

Coffee, Peggy  –  Cafeteria

Collins, Cinamon  –  English Language Learners

Colvett, Ginger  – First Grade

Cooper, Heather  –  Second Grade

Covington, Keisha – Second Grade

Dearing, Karen  –  Media Center Assistant

Dunn, Jennifer – Mercy Counselor

Dunne, Mary Jo – Third Grade

Erickson, Alisha  –  Principal

Fleming, Jessica  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Fusco, Tammy  –  Pre-Kindergarten

Genoble, Renessa  –  Reading Interventionist

Gilley, Kaylon  –  Music

Gish, Vicky  –  School Nurse

Grand, Larica  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Gray, Jessamyn – Library Media Specialist

Grayson, Irma – Cafeteria

Gutierrez, Mariana – Preschol Paraprofessional 

Hall, Janet  –  Bookkeeper

Halvorson, Millie – Physical Therapist

Hamby, Mallory – Art 

Haynes, Lacey – Cafeteria

Hill, Prisca  –  Family Liaison

Holt, Linda  –  Instructional  Paraprofessional

House, Christine  –  First Grade

Howell, Katrina  –  Third Grade 

James, Dawn – Fourth Grade

Jones, Elease  –  Computer Lab Paraprofessional

Jones, Missy – Math Paraprofessional

Kelly, Amy Garrigan  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Kelton, Charlie – Custodian

Kennedy, Angela  –  MAC Site Director

Lampley, Jennifer  –   Accelerated Learning

Larkin, Louise – Assistant Principal

Layton, Melissa – Speech/Language Pathologist

Letsinger, Kristen  –  Fourth Grade

Mckissack, Sydney – Custodian

Marotta, Jennifer  –  Reading Coach

Mennenga, Karen  –   English Language Learners

Messer, Karen  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Myers-Jones, Nicole – Special Education Pre-K Paraprofessional

Miller, Jodi  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Morgan, Lorie – Cafeteria Manager

Nance, Morgan  –  Third Grade

Neal, Lance  –  Physical Education

Nole, Brittany – Special Education

Nord, Jane – Cafeteria

Panaia, Debbie – Special Education Paraprofessional

Perez, Daniel  –  Custodian

Robertson, Mark – Custodian

Rubio, Becky – Instructional Paraprofessional

Schenk, Molly  –  Occupational Therapist

See, Madelyn – First Grade

Shuff, Kim  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Smith, Millard  –  Special Education

Sproul, Jean  –  Kindergarten

Sternenberg, Rhonda  –  Attendance Secretary 

Wallace, Starr  –  Second Grade

Ward, Shannon  –  Second Grade

White, Leigh Ann  –  Special Education 

Williams, Kim – Accelerated Learning

Williams, Patti  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Woronka, Ashley  –  Third Grade

Wright, Rochelle  –  First Grade

Wynne, Meghann  –  English Language Learners


Upcoming Events

all-day First Day of School (Gr 1-8)
First Day of School (Gr 1-8)
Aug 10 all-day
School Begins for Grades 1-8 In-Person Learners: Grades PreK-2 and selected students based on learning needs will come to school Remote Learners: Grades 3-8 will begin the year learning from home until school safely reopens… Continue Reading FACULTY