2019-2020 Faculty and Staff


Ashford, Clare – Kindergarten

Bean, Lisa  –  Special Education Pre-K

Bennorth, Sue  –  Reading Paraprofessional

Betts, Jamie  –  Fourth Grade

Blackburn, Travis (Codey) – Cafeteria

Blonder, Megan – School Psychologist

Brock, Deidra  –  Math Coach 

Brown, Kristen – Office Receptionist

Burgess, Jan  –  Kindergarten  

Byram, Josh – SRO Deputy

Campbell, Gail – Cafeteria

Campbell, Leslie  –  Fourth Grade

Casey, Lisa  –  Physical Education

Casillas, Aurora – Cafeteria

Chambers-Woods, Whitney  –  School Counselor

Clavijo, Lucy  –  Cafeteria Assistant Manager

Clark, Trisha – Occupational Therapist

Clemmons, Xavier – Custodian

Coffee, Peggy  –  Cafeteria

Collins, Cinamon  –  English Language Learners

Colvett, Ginger  – First Grade

Cooper, Heather  –  Second Grade

Covington, Keisha – Second Grade

Dearing, Karen  –  Media Center Assistant

Diaz, Yarymary – Cafeteria

Dunn, Jennifer – Mercy Counselor

Dunne, Mary Jo – Third Grade

Erickson, Alisha  –  Principal

Fleming, Jessica  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Fusco, Tammy  –  Pre-Kindergarten

Genoble, Renessa  –  Reading Interventionist

Gilley, Kaylon  –  Music

Gish, Vicky  –  School Nurse

Grand, Larica  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Gray, Jessamyn – Library Media Specialist

Grayson, Irma – Cafeteria

Gutierrez, Mariana – Preschool Paraprofessional 

Hall, Janet  –  Bookkeeper

Halvorson, Millie – Physical Therapist

Hamby, Mallory – Art 

Hill, Prisca  –  Family Liaison

Holt, Linda  –  Instructional  Paraprofessional

House, Christine  –  First Grade

Howell, Katrina  –  Third Grade 

James, Dawn – Fourth Grade

Jones, Elease  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Jones, Missy – Math Paraprofessional

Kelly, Amy Garrigan  –  Speech/Language Pathologist

Kelton, Charlie – Custodian

Kennedy, Angela  –  MAC Site Director

Lampley, Jennifer  –   Accelerated Learning

Larkin, Louise – Assistant Principal

Layton, Melissa – Speech/Language Pathologist

Letsinger, Kristen  –  Fourth Grade

Mckissack, Sydney – Custodian

Marotta, Jennifer  –  Reading Coach

Mennenga, Karen  –   English Language Learners

Messer, Karen  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Myers-Jones, Nicole – Special Education Pre-K Paraprofessional

Miller, Jodi  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Morgan, Lorie – Cafeteria Manager

Nance, Morgan  –  Third Grade

Neal, Lance  –  Physical Education

Nole, Brittany – Special Education

Nord, Jane – Cafeteria

Panaia, Debbie – Special Education Paraprofessional

Perez, Daniel  –  Custodian

Robertson, Mark – Custodian

Rubio, Becky – Instructional Paraprofessional

Schenk, Molly  –  Occupational Therapist

See, Madelyn – First Grade

Shuff, Kim  –  Special Education Paraprofessional

Smith, Millard  –  Special Education

Sproul, Jean  –  Kindergarten

Sternenberg, Rhonda  –  Attendance Secretary 

Wallace, Starr  –  Second Grade

Ward, Shannon  –  Second Grade

White, Leigh Ann  –  Special Education 

Williams, Kim – Accelerated Learning

Williams, Patti  –  Instructional Paraprofessional

Woronka, Ashley  –  Third Grade

Wright, Rochelle  –  First Grade

Wynne, Meghann  –  English Language Learners


Upcoming Events

all-day Fall Parties
Fall Parties
Oct 30 all-day
Fall Parties
We are excited to celebrate Fall in our classrooms this year! Room parents will help coordinate items to be sent in for parties this year. Unfortunately, no parents will be attending this year. Thanks for… Continue Reading FACULTY
all-day Professional Learning Day
Professional Learning Day
Nov 3 all-day
No School for Students. Staff reports.
all-day Progress Reports Issued
Progress Reports Issued
Nov 10 all-day
Progress Reports Issued
Check your child’s folder for their most recent progress report.