2019-2020 Faculty and Staff



Araujo, Luz – Cafeteria Assistant Manager (PGES)


Armstrong, Crystal  –  School Psychologist


Ashford, Clare – Kindergarten


Gilley, Kaylon  –  Music


Barnes, Jane – Physical Education


Bean, Lisa  –  K – 2 Special Education (Resource)


Bennorth, Sue  –  Reading Paraprofessional


Betts, Jamie  –  Second Grade


Blackburn, Travis (Cody) – Cafeteria


Brock, Deidra  –  Math Coach 


Brown, Kristen – Office Receptionist


Burgess, Jan  –  Kindergarten  


Byram, Josh – School Resource Officer


Campbell, Gail – Cafeteria


Campbell, Leslie  –  Fourth Grade


Casey, Lisa  –  Physical Education


Chambers-Woods, Whitney  –  School Counselor


Clavijo, Ayda Lucero  –  Cafeteria


Clark, Trisha – Occupational Therapist


Clemmons, Xavier – Custodian


Coffee, Peggy  –  Cafeteria


Collins, Cinamon  –  English Language Learners


Colvett, Ginger  – First Grade


Cooper, Heather  –  Second Grade


Covington, Keisha – Second Grade


Dearing, Karen  –  Media Center Assistant


Erickson, Alisha  –  Principal


Fleming, Jessica  –  Special Education Paraprofessional


Freeman, Martha  –  Physical Therapist


Fusco, Tammy  –  Pre-Kindergarten


Genoble, Renessa  –  Reading Interventionist


Gish, Vicky  –  School Nurse


Grand, Larica  –  Instructional Paraprofessional


Gray, Jessamyn – Library Media Specialist


Grayson, Irma – Cafeteria


Hall, Janet  –  Bookkeeper


Halvorson, Millie – Physical Therapist


Hamby, Mallory – Art 


Harold, Art – Custodial


Haynes, Lacey – Cafeteria


Hill, Prisca  –  Family Liaison


Holt, Linda  –  Instructional  Paraprofessional


House, Christine  –  First Grade


Howell, Katrina  –  Third Grade 


Huerta, Selene – Cafeteria


James, Dawn – Fourth Grade


Jones, Elease  –  Computer Lab Paraprofessional


Jones, Missy – Instructional Paraprofessional


Kelly, Amy Garrigan  –  Speech/Language Pathologist


Kennedy, Angela  –  MAC Site Director


Kennedy, Felipa – Cafeteria Assistant Manager (PGMS)


Lampley, Jennifer  –   Accelerated Learning


Larkin, Louise – Assistant Principal


Letsinger, Kristen  –  Fourth Grade


Marotta, Jennifer  –  Reading Coach


Mennenga, Karen  –   English Language Learners


Messer, Karen  –  Special Education Paraprofessional


Myers-Jones, Nicole – Special Education Paraprofessional


Miller, Jodi  –  Instructional Paraprofessional


Morgan, Lorie – Cafeteria Manager


Nance, Morgan  –  Third Grade


Neal, Lance  –  Physical Education   


Nord, Jane – Cafeteria


Perez, Daniel  –  Custodian


Schenk, Molly  –  Occupational Therapist


See, Madelyn – First Grade


Shuff, Kim  –  Special Education Paraprofessional


Smith, Millard  –  Fourth Grade Special Needs (Resource)


Spencer, Bill  –  Second Grade


Sproul, Jean  –  Kindergarten


Sternenberg, Rhonda  –  Attendance Secretary 


Stephens, Lindsee – English Language Learners


Venegas, Maria – Custodian


Wallace, Starr  –  Second Grade


Ward, Shannon  –  Third Grade


White, Leigh Ann  –  K-2 Special Education


Williams, Patti  –  Instructional Paraprofessional


Woronka, Ashley  –  Third Grade


Wright, Rochelle  –  First Grade


Wynne, Meghann  –  English Language Learners


Upcoming Events

6:30 pm School Board Mtg @ Liberty Elementary
School Board Mtg @ Liberty Elementary
Apr 13 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
School Board meeting begins at 6:30 PM with a public input session at beginning of meeting.
all-day Kindergarten Round Up
Kindergarten Round Up
Apr 17 all-day
Each spring, the FSSD holds a Kindergarten Roundup Day at each of the elementary schools.  This day is filled with fun and laughter as you and your child have an opportunity to tour the school, meet… Continue Reading FACULTY
8:30 am Kindergarten Registration @ All Elementary Schools
Kindergarten Registration @ All Elementary Schools
Apr 17 @ 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Kindergarten Registration @ All Elementary Schools
Each spring, the FSSD holds a Kindergarten Roundup Day.  This day is filled with fun and laughter as you and your child have an opportunity to tour the school, meet the teachers and administrators, and learn more about some… Continue Reading FACULTY