Whitney Chambers-Woods

Whitney Chambers-Woods

School Counselor


 Counselor Corner Update:

For the 2019-2020 school year, PGES is focusing on 4 MAIN character words. Each quarter of school, PGES and its students will dig deep to understand each word. Our first word is KINDNESS. We will say the Kindness Pledge and learn to help others by remembering to use manners, to be unselfish, to be helpful, to show respect, to use tact, and to be patient. Also, on Sept. 4th @ 7:30 -8:30am, there will be a parent/family meeting in room 119 to talk about screen time, Mercy Clinic/therapist, and routines. Please join us for coffee and conversation. And as always, we must Stop and Think and ask ourselves if our actions are KIND??? If they are not, then we must make better choices.


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Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission & Guiding Principles

It is the mission of the  school counseling program at Poplar Grove to work collaboratively with faculty/staff, students, families and community members to help meet the academic, personal/social and career preparation needs of ALL students.   It is our hope that by following the State of Tennessee standards, all students will be academically prepared, well adjusted members of society, lifelong learners and productive citizens.

The following principles of the Tennessee Comprehensive School Counseling Program* guide the curriculum, mission, activities and overall focus of the Poplar Grove school counseling program.

Guiding Principles
1. All students* can achieve.
2. All students* have dignity and worth.
3. All students* need, deserve and must be provided a quality education.
4. All students* need, deserve and must be provided the support and guidance of
caring, knowledgeable and skilled adults throughout their educational experience
in order to ensure success.
5. Quality comprehensive school counseling programs are vital to the overall
success of all students*, schools and communities.

[*Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, learning ability level or language]

Tennessee Policy on Cyber Bullying

“Cyber bullying” is defined as the use of information and communication technologies, — such as e-mail, cell phone text, or picture messages, instant messaging, and defamatory personal Web sites, social networking sites, and online personal polling sites – to support deliberate, hostile behavior intended to frighten or harm others.

FSSD/PGS Policy on Bullying

School bullying is widespread across schools in the United States. It is estimated that thousands of children refuse to go to school each day because they dread the physical and/or verbal abuse that they suffer at the hands of their peers.  The counselors of the Franklin Special School District have defined bullying behavior as an act that occurs when someone with more power intentionally hurts someone with less power over and over again in a physical, social or emotional manner.  The guidance department at Poplar Grove strives to work with students, parents, teachers, administration and other community members to increase awareness of bullying and be proactive in reducing its occurrence.  Our mission is to make school a place where every student feels safe and valued.  Videos, classroom discussion, various anti-bullying materials and speakers from the community are used as part of the guidance department’s efforts to help students be aware of what bullying is, what to do when you see bullying occur and ways to help the victim.  Our goal is for all students to develop the social and emotional skills that will give them greater success in their peer relationships, their academic performance and in their adult lives.

“Children develop character by what they see , by what they hear, and by what they are repeatedly led to do.” —- James Stenson

The Character Under Construction Coalition was formed to teach and encourage good character in our community. It is a joint effort of Franklin Special School District, Williamson County Schools, Chamber of Commerce, 4-H Clubs and various community groups. This community effort hopes to instill in our children those characteristics that help them grow into responsible citizens of Williamson County.

Franklin Special School District has been instrumental in organizing this community effort. Every school in our district emphasizes “Character Under Construction.” The community businesses and religious organizations continue to support us in this effort.

The community coalition has designated these specific character traits to be emphasized throughout the community in the following months:



Your help will be so valuable in these life lessons! Please encourage your child to practice these good character traits at home. Praise those character changes that your child makes as he/she matures. This is a school, family, and community effort. We all need to work together to support “Character Under Construction.”

The Guidance Department at Poplar Grove follows the Tennessee Department of Education School Counseling Standards.  “The standards and expectations for academic development guide the school-counseling program to implement strategies and activities to support and maximize learning;  for career development serve as a guide to provide the foundation for acquiring the attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and from job to job across the career life span; for personal/social development provide the foundation for personal and social growth, which contributes to academic and career success.”