Every grade level is composed of a team of teachers.  These educators plan and collaborate together making sure every year is full of learning, challenging, successful, and focused on continuous improvement.  Each grade level has a common planning time to allow for this critical work to happen.

Teacher Image


Mrs. Tammy Fusco – Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Mariana Gutierrez – Pre-K Paraprofessional

Mrs. Lisa Bean – Pre-K Teacher

Mrs. Nichole Myers-Jones – Special Education Paraprofessional

Kindergarten Teachers
Ms. Sproul, Mrs. Ashford, Mrs. Burgess

Kindergarten is the beginning of a lifelong journey into the world of learning.

Mrs. Jan Burgess
Mrs. Clare Ashford
Ms. Jean Sproul

Lunch Time 11:55 – 12:25

Related Arts Time 12:25 – 1:25

Supply List English  Spanish

1st Grade Teachers
Mrs. House, Mrs. See, Mrs. Wright, & Mrs. Colvett (Not Pictured)

Mrs. Ginger Colvett
Mrs. Christine House
Mrs. Madelyne See
Mrs. Rochelle Wright

Lunch Time 11:30 – 12:00 **Ice cream on Friday only** 

Related Arts Time 1:25 – 2:25 Daily

Supply List English  Spanish

2nd Grade Team

Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Covington, Ms. Cooper, & Dr. Wallace

Dr. Starr Wallace
Mrs. Shannon Ward
Ms. Heather Cooper
Mrs. Keisha Covington

Lunch Time 11:05 – 11:35

Related Arts 10:05 – 11:05 Daily

Supply List English Spanish

3rd Garde TeachersMrs. Howell, Mrs. Dunne, Mrs. Nance, & Mrs. Woronka


Mrs. Ashley Woronka

Mrs. Mary Jo Dunne

Mrs. Katrina Howell

Mrs. Morgan Nance

Lunch Time 11:00 – 11:30

Related Arts 7:45 – 8:45 Daily

Supply List English Spanish



Fourth Grade
Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Betts, Ms. Letsinger, & Dr. James

Mrs. Leslie Campbell
Ms. Jaime Betts
Ms. Kristen Letsinger
Dr. Dawn James

Lunch Time 11:45 – 12:15

Related Arts 9:05 – 10:05 Daily

Supply List English Spanish



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