Every grade level is composed of a team of teachers.  These educators plan and collaborate together making sure every year is full of learning, challenging, successful, and focused on continuous improvement.  Each grade level has a common planning time to allow for this critical work to happen.


Mrs. Tammy Fusco, Pre-K Teacher and Ms. Nicole Myers-Jones, Paraprofessional

Lunch — 11:45 – 12:15

Recess 10:15 – 10:45  /Theme of the week 10:45 – 11:30  / Lunch 11:45 – 12:15 / rest time 1:15 – 1:30 dismissal

Photograph of kindergarten teachers
Ms. Sproul, Mrs. Burgess, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Richardson

Kindergarten is the beginning of a lifelong journey into the world of learning.

Mrs. Jan Burgess
Ms. Heather Cooper
Ms. Sharese Richardson
Ms. Jean Sproul

Lunch Times
11:30 – 12:00– Richardson & Sproul
11:35 – 12:05–Burgess & Cooper

Supply List English  Spanish


Photograph of first grade teachers
Mrs. Nance, Mrs. Colvett, Mrs. Francis (interim), Mrs. See
Not pictured: Dr. Wallace

Mrs. Ginger Colvett
Mrs. Morgan Nance
Mrs. Madelyne See
Dr. Starr Wallace

Lunch times
12:00 – 12:30 Colvett & Nance
12:05 – 12:35 See & Wallace
**Ice cream on Friday only** 

Supply List English  Spanish

Group photograph of second grade teachers

Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Covington, Ms. Betts, Mrs. Bechtel

Mrs. Tiffany Bechtel
Ms. Jamie Betts
Mrs. Leslie Campbell
Mrs. Keisha Covington

Lunch Times
12:05 – 12:35  Bechtel & Betts
12:10 – 12:40  Campbell & Covington

Supply List English Spanish

Group photograph of third grade teachers

Mrs. Woronka, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Howell, Mr. Spencer


Mrs. Katrina Howell
Mr. Bill Spencer
Mrs. Shannon Ward
Mrs. Ashley Woronka

Lunch Times

Supply List English Spanish



Group photograph of 4th grade teachers
Dr. James, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. House, Ms. Letsinger

Mrs. Christine House
Dr. Dawn James
Ms. Kristen Letsinger
Mrs. Rochelle Wright

Lunch Times 10:55 – 11:25

Supply List English Spanish