Meeting the academic educational needs of every student, ensuring rigorous and rich instruction in the Arts, and providing specialist consultation and intervention are commitments met by the passionate members of our certified special services team. This team of professionals makes a tremendous impact on student learning and success at PGES.

Mrs. Casey, Mrs. Gray, Mr. Gilley, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Hamby, Mrs. Jone, & Mr. Neal

Mrs. Mallory Hamby

Computer Lab
Mrs. Elease Jones

Library Media Specialist 

Mrs. Jessamyn Gray

Mr. Kaylon Gilley

Physical Education
Mrs. Jane Barnes
Mrs. Lisa Casey
Mr. Lance Neal

Special Education
Lisa Bean
Millard Smith
Leigh Ann White

Occupational Therapy
Trisha Clark
Molly Schenk

Physical Therapy
Millie Halvorson

Speech and Language Pathologist
Amy Kelly

Mrs. Chambers-Woods, Mrs. Genoble, Mrs. Stephens, Ms. Collins, Mrs. Wynne, Ms. Lampley, Mrs. Hill, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Brock, Mrs. Marrotta, & Mrs. Mennenga

Accelerated Learning

Jennifer Lampley

English Language Learners
Cinamon Collins
Karen Mennenga
Meghann Wynne

Lindsee Stephens

Guidance Counseling
Whitney Chambers-Woods

Reading Interventionist

Renessa Genoble

Instructional Coaches
Deidra Brock – Math
Jennifer Marotta – Reading

Parent Liaison
Prisca Hill

School Psychologist

Crystal Armstrong