Poplar Grove Elementary is fortunate to have individuals who are committed to making sure every aspect of our students’ day goes smoothly.  These teams make sure students have healthy breakfast and lunch options, ensure we have a clean and welcoming environment, and provide extra support for students and teachers.  Our support personnel members are a vital part of what makes PGES a great place to learn, work, and play.

Group picture of general education paraprofessionals
Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Witcher, Mrs. Dearing, Mrs. Bennorth, Mrs. Mazeika,
Mrs. Grand, Mr. Risko, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Miller


Paraprofessionals – General Education

Sue Bennorth (reading)
Karen Dearing (library)
Larica Grand
Linda Holt
Elease Jones (computer lab)
Catherine Mazeika
Jodi Miller
Mason Risko (PreK)
Vickie Witcher
Patti Williams

Group photograph of Special Education Paraprofessionals

Mrs. Feming-Simmons, Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Messer, Ms. Shuff
not pictured: Breanna Perez

Special Education Paraprofessionals
Karen Messer
Brianna Perez
Kim Shuff
Jessica Fleming-Simmons
Melinda Winter

Office Personnel

Rhonda Sternenberg – Attendance Secretary
Janet Hall – Bookkeeper
Kristen Brown – Receptionist
Vicky Gish – School Nurse
Prisca Hill – Family Liaison

School Resource Officer
Josh Byram

Group photograph of custodial staff
Daniel Perez, , Kelvin Hayes, Maria Venegas,
Xavier Clemmons, Harvey Matthews

Xavier Clemmons
Art Hayes (not pictured)
Kelvin Hayes
Harvey Matthews
Daniel Perez
Maria Venegas